ETIAM is demonstrating a new videoconferencing telemedicine solution at the RSNA 2013. ETIAM-Connect, developed in partnership with video conferencing provider Vidyo, Hackensack, NJ, is integrated into the latest version of the medical image sharing system, ETIAM-Connect 4.2.

Instead of sending patient files and x-rays to an additional doctor for a second opinion, doctors can now call upon fellow physicians to review and go over the files for a second opinion while discussing their studies. ETIAM-Connect provides a centralized platform for studies to be exchanged, viewed and shared, without the use of CDs containing their sensitive studies and the headache of performing duplicate studies. The real-time requests and reviews through the telemedicine platform are HIPAA compliant. At RSNA, participants in the demonstration will be able to test the video solution via image sharing between the two platforms, one at ETIAM’s booth at RSNA, the other in the company’s Cambridge, Mass, office.