Mercury Computer Systems Inc, has formed Visage Imaging, a wholly owned subsidiary for the life sciences and medical businesses.

As an independent operating entity, Visage Imaging will more effectively position Mercury to deliver its expertise in advanced visualization, and its expanding portfolio of imaging and visualization products and services to a growing roster of international OEM and clinical partners.

Visage Imaging’s customizable solutions enhance the complete medical imaging workflow, with advanced tools for 2D, 3D, and 4D image interpretation, post-processing, management, and distribution that are not bound to specific workstations and become accessible directly within the PACS workflow.

Clinical partners around the world are collaborating with Visage Imaging, including the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the Charite – Universitatsmedizin Berlin, Campus Benjamin Franklin. Scientists and engineers from collaborating partners are working together to optimize the visualization and management of medical image data for modern imaging procedures such as computed tomography angiography, and whole-body magnetic resonance imaging.