Carestream, Rochester, NY, launched its new Vita XE CR imaging system, which is now available for order worldwide.

The tabletop computed radiography (CR) system produces diagnostic-quality images at a speed of 60 or more plates per hour with the option of completing image optimization easily according to user preference. Ideal for smaller hospitals, imaging centers, clinics, and private practices, the system joins the company’s existing line of tabletop systems, including the Vita CR system and the Vita LE CR system. With the introduction of the Vita XE system, Carestream is discontinuing its Point-of-Care 360 and Vita SE systems.

The new Vita XE CR includes options such as: long-length imaging, CD/DVD output, modality worklist, Image Suite mini-PACS software, and a dental paranoramic module. Users also can purchase Carestream’s Directview Total Quality Tool (a phantom test kit, user guide, and analysis software) to eliminate the need for third-party quality certification testing. All members of the Vita CR family share accessories, software, and hardware that allow for transitions from one system to another in a multi-CR facility or across multiple facilities using different models. Each Vita CR system supports seven different cassette sizes at standard resolution and four cassette sizes in high resolution.