Valley Presbyterian Hospital, a 350-bed community hospital in Van Nuys, Calif, placed an order to upgrade its existing PACS to the latest version of CARESTREAM Vue PACS to streamline the hospital’s reading workflow and accelerate the delivery of radiology reports.

“The new Vue PACS offers a global patient worklist and fully featured native voice recognition that will greatly expedite reading of exams by on-site and remote radiologists,” said Rick Sera, PACS/RIS administrator. “We expect these features will reduce our standard turnaround time from four hours to about 30 minutes. This streamlined workflow will allow faster diagnosis for STAT cases as well as prompt reporting for referring physicians.”

With the Vue PACS, all radiologists can utilize the global worklist, voice recognition, prior imaging exams, and advanced reading tools regardless of their location. Sera notes that this advanced PACS platform will also enable remote, on-call radiologists to provide a final report for after-hours exams. Previously imaging studies were read twice, since the on-call radiologist could only provide a preliminary report due to limited access to patient information and prior imaging studies.