E Instruments, Langhorne, Pa, announced the release of its new AQ VOC handheld monitor for indoor air quality (IAQ) analysis. According to the company, its new AQ VOC combines sophisticated design with technology in a compact monitoring instrument to provide IAQ monitoring and real-time data logging for professionals in hospitals, buildings, schools, labs, clean rooms, airports, and other facilities.

The AQ VOC handheld monitor includes a dynamic 0–20,000 ppb volatile organic compounds (VOC) sensor, an upgradeable option to add formaldehyde, a large internal memory, and an active internal sampling pump. The standard model of the monitor detects temperature, % RH, barometric air pressure, and differential pressure. Additional features of the handheld monitor include a magnetic rubber boot, Bluetooth, PC software and a USB port, and a li-ion rechargeable battery.

For more information about the AQ VOC handheld indoor air quality monitor, which is designed and made in the US, visit the E Instruments website.