Summary: Royal Philips and Nicklaus Children’s Health System have initiated a 10-year strategic collaboration to improve pediatric care by integrating advanced AI technologies, enhancing patient experiences, and improving diagnostic accuracy and outcomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI-Enabled Imaging: Adoption of AI technologies like the Ingenia Ambition X MR and EPIQ CVx ultrasound aims to enhance diagnostic efficiency by reducing exam times and the need for rescans, thereby accelerating patient care.
  • Patient-Centric Innovations: Introduction of Philips Ambient Experience and child-friendly apps are designed to ease patient anxiety during MRIs, potentially decreasing the need for sedation and shortening procedure times.
  • Advancements in Ultrasound Technology: Automated features in ultrasound systems help in speeding up exams and improving diagnostic accuracy in cardiac care, reducing variability between different operators and enhancing communication between specialists.

Royal Philips and Nicklaus Children’s Health System announced a 10-year long-term strategic collaboration aimed at enhancing the patient and staff experience, enhancing outcomes and driving innovation in pediatric care.

AI-Enabled MRI Technology

Serving over 500,000 patients a year, Nicklaus Children’s will adopt Philips technologies such as the Ingenia Ambition X MR and EPIQ CVx ultrasound, with AI-enabled radiology workflow solutions which aim to reduce exam times and the need for rescans, while increasing diagnostic confidence, resulting in faster diagnosis and treatment for patients.

The addition of patient experience technologies such as Philips Ambient Experience, Kitten Scanner and Scan Buddy App, will show patients what to expect during an MRI in the hopes of reducing anxiety around the procedure to help reduce the need for sedation and further shortening exam times.

Near-Helium Free MR

Nicklaus Children’s will be the first mobile adoption of the virtually helium-free Philips Ambition X MR, which never needs Helium refilling, and can be discharged or re-energized quickly utilizing the EasySwitch solution, which allows for a controlled ramp down of the magnet, minimizing patient disruptions.

Automated Ultrasound Workflows

Additionally, the Philips EPIQ CVx and Compact 5500CV AI-enabled ultrasound systems will be used in cardiac care. The devices automate measurements and strain quantification to reduce quantification time, helping sonographers reduce exam time for 2D imaging while reducing inter-operator variability.

TrueVue imaging technology can help interpret structural heart disease progression and communication between echocardiographers and interventionalists, providing crucial clinical information, further increasing diagnostic confidence for improved procedure guidance and patient outcomes, according to the company.

“Philips shares our commitment to innovation, and patient safety and quality, and has taken the time to understand our care goals and the unique Nicklaus Children’s experience we work to deliver,” said Matthew A. Love, president, and CEO of Nicklaus Children’s Health System. “This means understanding that you cannot just make a smaller version of an adult radiology solution for our patients, and that sick kids don’t necessarily stay still for studies. More importantly, if we can make things fun and give each child confidence about the procedure, we can alleviate some of the stress they and their families may be feeling as part of the treatment process.”