Toshiba Medical, Tustin, Calif., recently installed its Infinix-i 4D CT system at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla.

Moffitt, one of the nation’s leading cancer hospitals, is the first healthcare provider in the state of Florida to use the system’s merging of the Infinix-i angiography system and Aquilion PRIME CT system for interventional radiology (IR) and oncology procedures. The system may help clinicians improve visualization and workflow and increase patient safety.

Moffitt is using the Infinix-i 4D CT for a variety of IR and oncology procedures to more efficiently plan, treat, and verify in a single clinical setting. The system’s seamless integration of the interventional lab and CT scanner can transform workflow, eliminating the need to transfer patients between departments.

“Time is critical when treating cancer patients, and we acquired the Infinix-i 4D CT to help us provide faster and safer care to more patients,” says Grace Cabral, patient care manager of interventional radiology at Moffitt. “With the new system, we can capture high-quality images more quickly than before without having to transfer patients between machines, which has allowed us to double our embolization case load and significantly reduce wait times for ablations and biopsies. Additionally, the system’s small footprint allowed us to install the Infinix-i 4D CT quickly, with little downtime for construction, so we could begin utilizing it with patients right away.”

The Infinix-i enables clinicians to provide precision and flexibility during intervention with fingertip-to-fingertip and head-to-toe coverage and facilitates patient access with the Access Halo. “We designed the Infinix-i 4D CT as a complete imaging solution to address our customers’ need for efficiency without compromising safety,” says Satrajit Misra, vice president of marketing and strategic development at Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. “At Moffitt Cancer Center, we are seeing this goal come to life by one of the nation’s premier cancer treatment centers significantly expanding its imaging capabilities and offering more patients the exceptional care Moffitt is known for.”