Konica Minolta has announced new Blue Moon lifecycle solutions designed to help customers minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and eliminate risk throughout the lifetime of their AeroDR systems. According to the company, the solutions are intended to help customers increase economic value, clinical confidence, and worry-free operation.

Three lifecycle solutions are available—Blue Moon Elite, Blue Moon Select, and Blue Moon Basic—along with a range of plans designed to meet customers’ needs. Customers can select the plan that best suits their uptime and productivity requirements balanced against their individual risk tolerance and budgets, the company says.

“Konica Minolta’s high customer satisfaction ratings are a testament to the exceptional quality solutions and support services we provide,” said Steve Eisner, senior product manager, Konica Minolta Medical Imaging. “Customer support is not just about fixing equipment when it breaks. It’s about helping our end users get the most out of their Konica Minolta solutions throughout the product lifecycle so they can enhance the quality of care and be mindful of their return on investment.”

The Blue Moon Lifecycle Solutions also include added-value elements such as software upgrades, ongoing user education, a disaster response program, and panel protection.

For more information about the company’s DR, CR, and ultrasound solutions, visit the Konica Minolta website.