Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, Inc. announced that it will introduce REALISM™, an image processing system, and two new AeroDR® HD Wireless Flat Panel Detectors for specialty applications at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, which takes place in Chicago from November 26-December 1.

The REALISM advanced image processing system delivers a new level of clarity and detail for superior visualization within soft tissue and bony structures. By independently processing bone and soft tissue data, it enhances x-ray image sharpness and contrast to reveal subtle aspects of the image, even in the most difficult anatomies. Along with improvements in image quality, REALISM can enhance workflow efficiency by enabling visualization of soft tissue and bone simultaneously, reducing the number of window-level adjustments needed.

When paired with the performance of AeroDR HD, REALISM provides an unparalleled solution for the most demanding radiology needs.

Further, Konica Minolta has introduced two additional size panels. The new 10” x 12” AeroDR HD detector is suitable for imaging fine structures such as extremities and for the special needs of NICU environments, and the new 17” x 17” AeroDR HD is designed for imaging larger anatomical areas, like the chest and abdomen.

All AeroDR HD panels offer the option to switch between High Definition (HD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. HD provides images with a 100 micron pixel size for a high level of detail and HDR imaging aggregates the data from four pixels for a wider range of grays, providing a smooth image that allows clinicians to detect subtle differences in soft tissue.

“The future of primary imaging is brighter than ever,” says Kirsten Doerfert, Senior Vice President of Marketing. “At Konica Minolta Healthcare, we are excited to bring the future into focus today with the introduction of REALISM advanced image processing and the expansion of the AeroDR HD detector line.”