Infraredx-TVC-system-1An imaging system that integrates near-infrared spectroscopy with intravascular ultrasound was introduced by manufacturer Infraredx, Burlington, Mass, at the March 14–16 annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology in San Diego. According to Infraredx, the system is designed to help interventional cardiologists identify which patients are at high-risk for complications during stenting.

The manufacturer claims that its system is “the only FDA-cleared technology capable of rapidly, specifically, and reliably identifying lipid-core plaques (LCPs), which are known to complicate stenting procedures and suspected to cause most heart attacks.” As described by Infraredx, the system incorporates computing technology, the high-definition monitors, and near-infrared laser optics for in vivo chemical analysis.

The system includes the company’s proprietary Extended Bandwidth IVUS technology, which “harmonizes multiple signal frequencies to produce a sharp image of the complete vessel that allows for easy identification of the lumen, plaque and vessel structure.” For more information on the system, visit the Infraredx website.