I have a Voluson 730 and need to hook it up to a new HP all in one so that I can print my client reports.

I also would like to know how to create the CDs of the clients’ ultrasound photos

Installing a line printer on a Voluson 730 can be challenging and best left to a trained service engineer, but here is the information. Imbedded in the Voluson software are drivers for the HP 990cxi and 995c printers, so those printers are the easiest to install. You will turn on the system and let it boot to imaging. Then plug in and turn on your printer. The “new hardware” wizard will appear. The next steps are choosing the following options:
1) Search for suitable driver
2) Specify location
3) Next
4) Browse
5) Look for either: C:UtilitiesPrinterDriverHPDeskjet990cxi or C:UtilitiesPrinterDriverHPDeskjet995c
6) Next
7) Finish

Again, I strongly recommend a qualified service engineer to install and set up the printer.

Concerning creating CDs of your patient images, that is done through Sonoview, the internal archiving software. The icon is in the upper left area of the user interface. A complete description is contained in Chapter 15 of the user manual, which you can access using the F1 key on your system keyboard.

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