San Diego-based Merry X-Ray Corp. has announced the purchase of Cary, Ill.-based Consensys Imaging Service Inc., an FDA-compliant national service provider for diagnostic imaging equipment. This acquisition comes on the heels of Merry X-Ray Corp.’s recent acquisition of Solon, Ohio-based Universal Medical Systems (UMS), a provider of CT and MRI scanners.

The acquisition of these two businesses bolsters Merry X-Ray’s presence in the CT, MRI, and veterinary markets, company officials say.

Specifically, Consensys Imaging Service, Inc. leverages its proprietary tools, technologies, and experience to provide high-quality service solutions for MRI, CT, mammography, and ultrasound equipment. Along with holding partnerships with hospitals, imaging centers, veterinary clinics, OEMs, and imaging service providers nationwide, Consensys has both ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485:2003 quality certificates.

UMS, on the other hand, is a leader in veterinary CT and MRI and offers more than 30 years of experience in developing imaging technologies. Plus, UMS has expanded its areas of expertise from standard CT and dedicated MRI to robotic CT systems and high-field MRI, further strengthening its position in the CT and MR sectors.

Ted Sloan, president of Merry X-Ray, spoke out about the acquisitions, commenting: “Bringing UMS and Consensys together for CT and MRI sales and service strengthens Merry X-Ray in the CT and MRI markets and furthers our mission of being the largest medical imaging sales and service network in the United States.”

Jim Spearman, president of Merry X-Ray’s Consensys Division concurs, adding: “In working with our exclusive advisor Synergy Partners, LLC, we found a perfect match in joining the Merry X-Ray brand as its completely in-line with our culture of being a high-quality, long-term trusted partner—a great win for our customers, employees and partners.”