Ascendian Healthcare Consulting, a national healthcare IT consultancy, has partnered with Yuma Regional Medical Center to optimize the organization’s enterprise imaging information systems and operations for improved patient care and healthcare information technology (HIT).

Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) is a 406-bed hospital with more than 2,000 employees serving the residents of southwestern Arizona. YRMC has many radiology, cardiology, and other specialty imaging systems that require a seamless, integrated and comprehensive solution to track, store, and display critical patient medical images.

According to both companies, the new enterprise imaging model will give the medical staff at YRMC access to the assortment of medical imaging data across their departments and facilities. Interoperability is fundamental to YRMC’s regional healthcare and the future management or distribution of its medical images, as well as other clinical content for rapid, accurate, and collaborative patient care.

Ascendian Healthcare reports that the complexity and costs of storing, securing and sharing data has intensified for healthcare providers. An enterprise imaging strategy supported by a vendor neutral archive (VNA) and emerging technology can enhance patient care and safety, and increase efficiencies within a health system’s operations. These benefits are compounded when healthcare organizations are growing through mergers and acquisitions, says Ascendian.