Medical imaging technology manufacturer Ampronix, Irvine, Calif, has reintroduced its Medvix line of near-patient surgical displays with the new HD Medvix series. Based on user experience and customer feedback, Ampronix has updated the Medvix surgical monitors to offer higher-quality displays and more user-friendly features. There are three new Medvix models which the company describes as operating room-ready, with HD picture, medical-grade materials, and a single-bonded protective panel with sealed controls for easy cleaning.

According to the company, the updated monitors have flexible video input/output options that allow Medvix to integrate seamlessly into new and existing systems. Ampronix says the extensive features, paired with its low pricing, make Medvix suitable for surgical environments.

Medvix is available in three new display sizes with a wide view angle using IPS-Pro LCD technology. The LED backlit displays provide good image quality with resolutions up to 2.3 MP, contrast up to 1400:1, and accurate natural color reproduction to reduce eye strain and provide the quality required for surgical settings.

According to the Ampronix announcement, additional features of the Medvix surgical displays include:

  • LCD Panel: LED Backlit 19″ | 24.1″ | 26″
  • View Angle: 178° Horizontal | 178° Vertical
  • Luminance: 330cd/m2 | 450cd/m2 | 450cd/m2

For more information about the new HD MEDVIX line of surgical displays, visit the Ampronix website.