It may not be the fanciest device in the toolbox, but electrical safety analyzers have been valuable weapons in the battle for patient safety for 30 years. That’s one reason why there is such rigorous competition in this product area and why changes in BMET responsibilities are creating new market opportunities.

It’s basic … it’s necessary … it promises peace of mind. What biomed hasn’t put in time with an electrical safety analyzer?

A staple in the biomed’s ever-expanding tool bag of gadgets, gizmos and contraptions, the lowly, low-tech electrical safety analyzer (ESA) has been a vital, valuable weapon in the battle for patient safety for the last 30 years. From standard bench-size models to newfangled, fit-in-your-toolkit handhelds, from manual devices to the latest, cutting-edge “communications systems,” the ESA has enjoyed a heralded history of service to the healthcare industry.

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