William Andrew, a division of Elsevier, announces publication of Plastics in Medical Devices, a new book by V.S. Sastri, PhD, covering the types, applications, and requirements of various plastics in today’s medical instrumentation.

This book opens with an introduction to both US and global devices, including their classification and some of the regulations that affect their design, production, and sale.

Subsequent chapters focus on plastic materials, and feature information about their properties profiles, the advantages and disadvantages for medical device applications, the techniques by which their properties can be enhanced, and real world examples of their use. Comparative tables allow readers to find the right classes of materials suitable for their applications or new product development needs.

Author V.S. Sastri is president of WINOVIA LLC, which offers consulting and other customized solutions in the areas of product development and quality management.

The book, priced at $235, is available from Elsevier.