MEPS Real-Time, a  provider of RFID solutions for pharmacy automation and inventory management, has introduced what it claims is “the industry’s smallest RFID smart tag.”

According to the company, the new Intelliguard RFID Smart Tag is 65% smaller than any other RFID tags available to healthcare. The tags were developed by following comprehensive market feedback that indicated the typical RFID tag used on medication vials is visually intrusive and hinders the safe handling of medication.

The new smart tag was designed to support the Intelliguard Kit and Tray Management System, which automates medication inventory management and replenishment in hospital pharmacies.

MEPS Real-Time reports that a recent time-and-motion study at Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego, showed significant improvements in accuracy and an average of 80% reduction in pharmacy replenishment times of medication kits and trays when using the MEPS system.