Jan2BarcoCoronis-Fusion-6MPHealth care imaging specialist Barco, Kortrijk, Belgium, announces the launch of the Coronis Fusion 6MP DL LED.

Using high-bright LED backlights, the new diagnostic display system makes subtle details more noticeable more quickly.

Barco’s diagnostic display systems are designed to optimize workflow productivity,” said Lynda Domogalla, Barco’s VP product marketing health care. “In terms of managing image reading workload, the Coronis Fusion 6MP DL is our flagship product. Using the display as one seamless widescreen desktop or two bezel-free 3MP heads, it enables simultaneous reading of color, grayscale, and fused modalities. Now the Coronis Fusion 6MP DL is also available with LED backlight—boosting brightness levels even further for enhanced diagnostic performance, while saving energy and extending lifespan.”