Medical Specialties Distributors LLC (MSD), Stoughton, Mass, a key supplier of health care products and biomedical equipment, rentals, and services, has acquired Wren Medical Systems Inc, Chicago, a distributor of infusion and enteral therapy products to alternate site and acute care markets.

Wren is a key supplier of health care software development and customer accessible technology that provides equipment management programs to help health care providers maximize the use of their capital assets.

James Beck, president and CEO of MSD, extolled the merits of the deal, saying customers of both entities will benefit from the synergy, which should result in value-added customer solutions on a broad scale. Combining MSD’s national-scale supply-channel leadership with large multi-site health care providers and Wren’s technology advances, unique product offerings, customer and vendor partnerships, and entrepreneurial spirit, will enrich MSD and should position it for increased growth and dynamic customer solutions, company officials said.

MSD has seven national medical product and biomedical equipment distribution centers nationwide. The company recently launched an initiative into the acute care market to support the equipment needs of hospitals nationwide.