As part of its wireless strategy to increase communication and patient safety, Commonwealth Health Corporation (CHC) has deployed Horizon, the medical-grade wireless utility by InnerWireless Inc.

InnerWireless’ Horizon provides guaranteed wireless connectivity for multiple life- and mission-critical wireless devices.

With Horizon, CHC’s 330-bed flagship community hospital, The Medical Center at Bowling Green, will have guaranteed wireless coverage for life- and mission-critical wireless devices and applications including voice-grade 802.11 b/g, infusion pumps, bedside medication administration, and bedside blood bank automation.

Horizon’s guaranteed signal provides The Medical Center’s clinicians and staff wireless coverage for their cell phones, tablet PCs, and other handheld devices so they can communicate more efficiently with each other and access information from any part of the hospital.

Horizon’s architecture can also support asset tracking and VoIP—both under consideration for future implementation at CHC.