In the last few years, online training and educational sessions have been increasingly offered in the form of Webinars and downloadable archives. However, as I talk with leaders of local biomedical associations and third-party repair companies, it seems that those resources are not being utilized—or offered—as frequently as you might expect, given tighter budgets and a generally noted lack of training.

This may be a misperception, though. Do you or your coworkers actively participate in or listen to Webinars and online educational courses? If so, how often? Do you “attend” these events at work or do you use personal time to participate and expand your knowledge? In addition, do any local biomed associations that you are a part of offer online broadcasting of membership meetings?

For those that do utilize these resources, what topics have you found to be most beneficial when discussed online? Are there any roadblocks to these virtual learning experiences? And have you ever participated in any hands-on Webinars? If so, how were they presented?