Spacelabs Healthcare, a division of OSI Systems, demonstrated new diagnostic cardiology products at the American College of Cardiology’s annual event.

New and recent cardiology offerings from Spacelabs Healthcare, included its Eclipse Pro extended Holter recorder and the Lifescreen Pro rapid analysis screening system. The CardioPulse line of fully featured 12-lead cardiographs with full DICOM and HL-7 connectivity was also available for demonstration among its cardiology products.

Eclipse Pro provides cardiologists a versatile choice for screening, arrhythmia, pacemaker detection, and 12-lead ECG. The device is designed for patient comfort to increase patient compliance, which can result in better quality recordings. The Eclipse Pro can record up to 14 days of 3-lead ECG or 3 days of 12-lead ECG for analysis providing the ability to perform 24 to 48 hour Holter or up to 14 days of extended Holter. Once the recording is complete, Lifescreen Pro provides rapid analysis, allowing an initial triage to find suspected or intermittent arrhythmia events. Utilizing Eclipse Pro and Lifescreen Pro together can facilitate triaging of recordings and quickly identify patients in need of further diagnosis and treatment, including atrial fibrillation.

CardioPulse cardiographs are designed for efficiency even in the most acute settings. A bi-directional DICOM option into existing EMR or PACS systems and the ability to review, store, and transmit rhythm strips for up to 10 minutes means a seamless fit into clinical workflows.

“These products represent a new milestone in patient care,” says Spacelabs Healthcare President Shalabh Chandra. “By quickly presenting a clear picture of the patient’s condition, cardiologists are better able to ensure their patients continue on the right care pathway as soon as possible.”