At the AAMI annual conference next month in Long Beach, Calif, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise’s  Patient Care Device Domain (IHE-PCD) will demonstrate the benefits of standards-based messaging.  

In addition to available technical specifications for messages carrying physiologic, alarm/alert, and safety data, there will be a demonstration of work just beginning to provide for the following features:

  • Device condition and status messages to CMMS, such as device failure, self-test results, battery condition, operational status, versions, and patches.
  • Location Services messages from RTLS systems to CMMS, such as locating the device with a failure alert and facilitating communication between the biomed department and the user.
  • Combined CMMS/LS data, such as enabling fast response to failure or marginal performance (potentially before the user is aware), improving utilization data for management of capital equipment, and purchasing versus rental decisions.

The IHE-PCD is cosponsored by AAMI, ACCE, and HIMSS.The demonstration will be held during show hours June 1–3 in HIMSS Booth 837.