The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) recently announced that the annual AAMI eXchange is being redeveloped into a fully virtual event for 2021. Now, they are ready to share what’s in store for June 7 to 11 at the AAMI eXchange REWIRED.

“I do not want this to be ‘just another virtual event.’ We’ve had enough of those after one year of the pandemic,” said Steve Campbell, acting president and CEO of AAMI. “Though we would have liked to have come together in person, we are enthusiastic about the unique opportunities of a virtual eXchange, enhanced by the simple fact that all of us—regardless of circumstances—will be able to take part. Our energy and the incredible support of our community is focused on making an innovative, practical, and special event.”

AAMI eXchange REWIRED will include the same great educational content eXchange attendees have come to expect, with 25 hours of industry-leading learning opportunities and up to 25 ACI CEUs. Topics covered include timely discussions about the impact of COVID-19, the latest trends in HTM, patient safety, cybersecurity, regulatory issues and home health. Details surrounding AAMI’s new national BMET apprenticeship program, recently approved by the US Department of Labor, will also be shared.

There will be three keynote speakers, including a rare opportunity to meet the leader of the Joint Commission, Herman McKenzie, MBA, CHSP. Taking full advantage of the virtual format, attendees will also be able to catch an exciting five-day livestream of expert interviews, special features, product spotlights, stories from the field, and more.

AAMI eXchange REWIRED offers unique online peer-to-peer networking as well as direct access to sponsors and vendors. And thanks to an exclusive archive of recorded content, attendees will be able to re-watch crucial moments from the virtual event or catch the programs they missed!

The expanded schedule for 2021 will ensure that there is always something new to see at AAMI eXchange REWIRED, and attendees will be able to design a high-impact schedule perfectly tailored to their interests.

Check out the full preliminary schedule to discover what’s in store. Then, register online!