A rooftop blaze at a hospital in Queens, N.Y., left two people with minor injuries, fire officials say. Thick black smoke poured out over the top of John’s Episcopal Hospital’s roof, before the flames were extinguished.

Emergency officials first received reports that a large cloud of black smoke was gushing from the top of the hospital in the Far Rockaway neighborhood around 5:15 p.m., they said. The fire was fully extinguished within an hour, the authorities said.

Videos posted on social media showed the plume of smoke at the hospital billowing out over the ocean, and visible across several sections of the borough.

Patients and staff in several departments, including the hospital’s emergency room, were evacuated as the blaze broke out, city officials said, while others remained sheltered in place as emergency workers searched the building. Officials said the two injured people were expected to be taken to other hospitals.

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