Technical Prospects, an Appleton, Wis.-based company specializing in Siemens imaging equipment, announced that its robust training program has gained certification from AAMI. The newly accredited program includes training in angiography/catheterization equipment, CT, fluoroscopy, MRI, and radiography equipment. Participants can earn up to 45 ACI-CEUs per class.

“Earning this certification is an excellent addition to not only Technical Prospects’ training program, but the industry as a whole,” says Sam Darweesh, chairman of engineering at Technical Prospects. “Today’s world is filled with data-driven engineers who want and need these CEUs to be competitive as institutions want to hire accredited individuals.”

Technical Prospects has transcended AAMI’s rigorous guidelines, which include proper instructor licensing and training, maintaining sufficient levels of presentation skills, upholding an appropriate class format, utilizing a customized approach and customer focus, and much more. As premium engineering training programs meet or exceed eight CEUs per day, the company has surpassed this standard by offering nine CEUs per day throughout its training program.

With this certification, Technical Prospects can assist engineers working with medical imaging systems to maintain AAMI accreditation—a minimum of 30 CEUs from six approved categories during a three-year period. The certification will also help these individuals further advance their professional development and allow imaging directors to benchmark employee progress, qualifications, and credentials related to imaging training.

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