Salt Lake City-based oneSOURCE announces its newest database for Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) will support safety officers, sterile processing departments, professionals working in the operating room, and more. The new library offers customers access to thousands of SDSs, from the latest sheets to an archive of more than 30 years-worth of critical materials. 

With a focus on maintaining or exceeding OSHA compliance standards, the database arms safety managers and hospital and surgical staff with 24/7 access to a fully searchable platform of unlimited documents, ensuring a high level of patient care.

“Here at oneSOURCE, we have a unique opportunity to serve our healthcare customers well by sourcing these important safety data sheets in an easy-to-use and approachable format,” satys Jack Speer president of oneSOURCE. “Our intention for this new database is to pave the communication and information foundation for our customers in order to allow them to act efficiently and effectively in the case of a hazardous incident.” 

SDSs are used as an industry-wide source to instruct workers on how to mitigate chemical exposure to patients and staff including the safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting. This new SDS database provides users with unlimited access to thousands of documents at their fingertips in a matter of seconds.

“With the new SDS database, we are able to provide healthcare professionals with incredibly important materials that traditionally have been difficult to acquire due to the archaic nature of how they were organized, accessed, and stored,” says Heather Thomas, CMO and executive VP of sales and marketing of oneSOURCE. “This new offering is the answer to decades of frustration from practitioners.”