Nuvolo has announced the launch of its Q1 2022 update—known as the Pakistan release—which focuses on user experience improvements.

The Nuvolo Connected Workplace is a modern Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), Built on NOW that extends beyond traditional IWMS solutions capabilities with unique and custom solutions for the markets they serve, the inclusion of an Operational Technology (OT) solution and more.

The recent release, dubbed the “Pakistan” release, focuses on user experience improvements which include: 

  • GxP Asset Management, a new product designed for life sciences customers, that allows teams that work in regulated environments to onboard, use, reserve, maintain, and monitor assets that fall under GxP regulations and those that do not, with built-in compliance controls. Read more about the full Connected Workplace for Life Sciences solution here.  
  • A completely redesigned planned maintenance user interface that makes scheduling work orders simpler, more consistent, and easier to monitor and manage.  
  • A new Capital Planning product that includes asset scoring and prioritization tools to easily identify which assets should be replaced and when.  
  • Additional lease accounting functionality that is in full compliance with the FASB ASC 842 and IFRS 16 standards.
  • Improvements to the Space solution that benefit space planners who need up-to-date data for their stacking, blocking, and space demand forecasting as well as end-users, who will experience a more seamless room reservation process. 
  • Updates to the Calibration mobile app that allows technicians to do their work both online and offline, with data automatically syncing when the mobile device is reconnected to Wi-Fi.  
  • Additional OT Security features that enhance the ability to use security lifecycle profiles to ensure medical devices have the correct security settings. Additionally, Nuvolo now includes monitoring integration with MedSec, as part of an ongoing initiative to work with industry-leading third-party OT discovery and security monitoring tools. 

“We continue to deliver on the goal of accelerating our journey to deliver a fully Connected Workplace, and the Pakistan release is an example of that,” says Asim Rizvi, chief product officer, Nuvolo. “Now more than ever our customers are looking for single solution to manage their workplace and we plan on delivering that. Our primary focus is constant hyper innovation so we can offer the only IWMS solution that goes beyond the traditional models, which results in serving our clients with capabilities built specifically for today’s business needs.” 

Following a $32 million series C funding round in 2021, the company has doubled the size of its workforce which is driving the acceleration of a two-year roadmap.

Nuvolo puts out four releases a year and names them after countries in alphabetical order. The next release, Qatar, is scheduled for Q2 2022.