Paramus, N.J.-based workplace services company Nuvolo has forged a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to offer Industry-Leading Standards, which will bring enhancements to Nuvolo’s existing Operational Technology (OT) Security solution.  

Nuvolo OT Security with Industry-Leading Standards will help healthcare and other OT-intensive industries address the growing challenge of cybersecurity threats to network-connected devices. These devices are increasingly exposed to security vulnerabilities and exploits, which can have substantial consequences for patient safety. The announcement comes after Mayo Clinic’s follow-on to Nuvolo’s recent Series C funding round.  

“We are incredibly proud to collaborate with Mayo Clinic on these innovative Industry-Leading Standards for the implementation of OT device security procedures. This structured approach ensures that medical devices and healthcare facilities are equipped with what they need to meet organizational and security requirements throughout the OT device lifecycle,” says Nuvolo CEO Tom Stanford.

Nuvolo OT Security provides full device context using a single database. When a security threat or vulnerability occurs, Nuvolo OT Security uses this common data model to match, contextualize, and correlate these security events. It then orchestrates an automated response to generate work orders, dispatch technicians, and ensure rapid remediation. 

Combining the solution’s capabilities with the innovation developed with Mayo Clinic will enable better OT device security throughout the entire lifecycle for every medical device and facilities system, Nuvolo officials say.