Modernizing Medicine, Boca Raton, Fla., has acquired orthopedics electronic health records (EHR) vendor Exscribe, Bethlehem, Pa. The acquisition brings together two of the healthcare industry’s orthopedic EHR vendors with a shared mission of increasing practice efficiency by transforming how healthcare information is created, consumed, and utilized. Modernizing Medicine and Exscribe will work together to accelerate innovation and bring to market advanced EHR, practice management, and technology solutions intended to improve physician efficiency, reduce burnout, and support value-based care.

“Exscribe and Modernizing Medicine have a shared commitment to customer success and improving patient outcomes and we are excited to work together to leverage our combined orthopedics expertise to move the industry forward,” says Dan Cane, CEO of Modernizing Medicine. “Both companies were founded on the belief that the best EHRs are built specialty specific ‘by physicians, for physicians,’ and that product excellence is a direct reflection of the strength of our team. With that, we are excited to welcome the talented individuals at Exscribe to the Modernizing Medicine family and are confident that we can leverage our combined expertise to enhance and grow our solutions to meet the needs of customers of virtually any size and orthopedic specialization.”

Exscribe was founded in 2000 by orthopedic surgeon Ranjan Sachdev, MD, MBA, CHC, who was looking for a better way to manage his orthopedic practice. Working with a team of orthopedists and IT professionals, Sachdev developed the Exscribe Orthopaedic EHR, which today is among the leading specialty-specific healthcare technology solutions available.

Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, Exscribe’s EHR enables orthopedists to use one-click treatment plans for specific conditions, including orders for surgery and therapy, prescriptions, patient education, referral letters, and more. Exscribe Founder and CEO, Sachdev and other members of the Exscribe team will be joining Modernizing Medicine, and through the increased scale and combined expertise, both companies intend to continue providing world-class technology solutions and support to orthopedic customers.

“Modernizing Medicine is known for its state-of-the-art web-based offerings, growing presence in the orthopedics space, and commitment to working with customers to build solutions that meet the needs of orthopedists and their office staff,” says Sachdev. “Existing Exscribe customers will experience very few immediate changes. In the long term, we look forward to leveraging the decades of expertise from both companies to build fully interoperable EHR technologies that solve administrative inefficiencies and promote orthopedic excellence.”

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