Mindray, a developer of technologies and solutions for patient monitoringultrasound, and anesthesia, debuted its newly formalized service team – the Mindray CARE Team at the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) eXchange 2022.

The Mindray CARE Team is comprised of the Mindray service team that has been newly named to better represent their customer-centric focus. The Mindray CARE Team is a service organization dedicated solely to ensuring customers get the most use out of their equipment, to ensure their patients get the most out of their care.

When customers invest in Mindray solutions, they gain access to the Mindray CARE Team, whose technology and progressive approach to service solutions create deeply embedded partnerships that put client-side uptime as a priority. CARE Team members empower their partners with the people, service, solutions, and technology they need to meet their highest potential and keep healthcare moving forward.

The Mindray CARE Team says it focuses on:

  • Uptime: The CARE Team strives to ensure hospitals have the right processes and procedures to provide safe and efficient patient care. The most important outcome for the Mindray CARE Team is to maintain continuity in healthcare delivery. Uptime is everything.
  • Flexibility: Their services are robust, customizable, and designed to meet the growing and ever-changing demands of IT, clinical, and biomedical engineering teams. The CARE Team is available 24/7 to minimize disruption and maximize productivity within the clinical environment.
  • Innovations: Mindray is challenging the status quo, never working in the standard construct of service and solutions models, but rather purposefully creating new and innovative ways to adapt to customer challenges.

“Based on an insightful look into our customers’ needs, we realized that a dedicated service organization was needed to best support Mindray customers,” says Michael Lawlor, senior director, technology services, Mindray North America. “Branching off as our own division, the Mindray CARE Team brings the resources and services that the service team has always provided plus additional services and offerings to support our customers better. This specialization gives us the resources and workforce we need to prioritize our customers’ needs and elevate their Mindray experience.”