More than a year after Medtronic’s acquisition of medical device supplier Covidien, the company has announced it is closing a manufacturing facility based in Boulder, Colo, that it acquired through the deal, according to Qmed. The move follows an announcement earlier this month that Medtronic would also close a building in Mansfield, Mass, that formerly served as the United States headquarters for Covidien.

Further changes are coming as part of a multiyear reorganization project, which Medtronic expects to wrap up by 2019. The company has said no workers would be immediately affected, although it’s unknown at this point how many might be impacted in the future. The 63,000-square-feet facility currently employs approximately 1,700 workers.

While operated by Covidien, the location was used for both research and development and manufacturing for novel products since its completion in 2012. According to Qmed, products that were identified as “matured” were transferred to other manufacturing locations.

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