Inogen, a medical technology company offering innovative respiratory products for use in the home-care setting, announced the introduction of the Rove 6 portable oxygen concentrator in the U.S. market, featuring a claimed eight-year expected service life.

The Inogen Rove 6 was launched in Europe in December 2022. Having completed the necessary regulatory processes, the expected service life of the Rove 6 will be extended from five years to eight years for all Rove 6 devices sold worldwide. The eight-year expected service life has also been extended to Inogen One G5 portable oxygen concentrators in the U.S.

The Inogen Rove 6 is a 6-setting portable oxygen concentrator that also provides the longest battery life of any portable oxygen concentrator currently available on the market, according to the company. The device delivers up to 1,260 mL/minute of medical grade oxygen at a weight of only 4.8 pounds. The Inogen® Rove 6™ is available with two battery options, including an extended battery that can support a battery life up to 12 hours and 45 minutes.

“In capital-based business models it is critical to maximize the value of the devices you invest in to enhance your returns. We are excited to now be able to extend this opportunity to Inogen’s business-to-business customers allowing them to improve the profitability of their oxygen concentrator business and strengthen the appeal of the non-delivery long-term oxygen therapy model,” says Nabil Shabshab, president and CEO of Inogen.

“As a global market leader with a focus on delivering high quality and innovative respiratory care solutions, Inogen is well positioned to deliver the best portable oxygen concentrator for business-to-business customers, with a differentiated value proposition through a strong total cost of ownership, best-in-class quality, best after sales services, and now the best-in-class expected service life,” Shabshab says.