GE Healthcare hosted biomedical and clinical engineering departments at its new Repair Operations Center in Oak Creek, Wis., on Friday, March 17. According to company officials, the GE Repair Operations Center is an innovative repair, remanufacturing, and recycling facility servicing imaging, diagnostic, and patient monitoring equipment.

Joe Shrawder, GE Healthcare Global Services’ president and CEO, spoke out about the new center to 24×7 Magazine exclusively, commenting: “This is where GE is at work to minimize their downtime and provide peace of mind through reliable, consistent, fast, and quality repairs of their patient care devices.”

The GE Repair Operations Center, which opened in 2017, is located just a few miles away from GE Healthcare’s Global Healthcare Institute and several GE Healthcare corporate offices. “This is the largest and most advanced GE Healthcare repair center in the world—and an integral part of our Services business and a key pillar for service delivery,” Shrawder says.

He further reveals that GE has invested heavily in advanced technology and lean manufacturing practices to provide fast turnaround times and advanced repair quality. In fact, the company’s “Brilliant Factory” platform combines lean and advanced manufacturing, 3D printing, and advanced software analytics that enable productivity and impact customers’ satisfaction.

Furthermore, the Repair Operations Center is International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485 and 14001 certified and fully aligns with GE Brilliant Factory standards for efficient and quality repair services. Even so, the center is equipped to handle more than just repairs.

When a piece of equipment has reached the end of its service life, for instance, GE Healthcare offers a wide range of recycling and remanufacturing programs that keep 94% of the material the company receives out of landfills, officials explain.

To Shrawder, such capabilities speak to the myriad benefits the Repair Operations Center will bring to the healthcare technology management sector. “We believe this is a critical investment to provide world-class operations for our customers,” he adds.

And these world-class operations were fully on display during the March 17 event, Shrawder says. “We were proud to showcase the capabilities we have in place to provide fast turnaround times and exceptional repair quality—our talent, ISO certification for quality standards, advanced technology, and lean manufacturing practices,” he tells 24×7 Magazine exclusively.