FSI, a healthcare computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS)/ enterprise asset management provider, has announced integrations with PartsSource, an online healthcare marketplace, and Cynerio, a healthcare cybersecurity platform, to enhance efficiency and security for healthcare facilities by streamlining parts ordering and IoT device management, respectively. Following this development, Chad Holmes, a security evangelist at Cynerio, and Shawn Hewitt, FSI’s product manager, discussed its impact on the healthcare technology management (HTM) sector with 24×7.

24×7: How does the Cynerio integration enhance the security posture of healthcare facilities, and what role does real-time IoT data play in this process?

Chad Holmes: Integration with Cynerio will allow FSI and Cynerio customers to extend capabilities beyond the visibility and tracking devices. With upwards of 50% of a healthcare environment’s network being populated by non-traditional IT devices (IoT, IoMT and OT specifically), and those devices being highly vulnerable to attacks (53% of IV pumps have known critical vulnerabilities for example), these devices have become a key component in the propagation of ransomware attacks and data breaches throughout the healthcare industry.

Cynerio provides the ability for customers to identify and respond to attacks within minutes through their Network Detection and Response product. The remainder of the Cynerio Healthcare Cybersecurity Platform has technologies that focus on identifying exposed patient data before hackers do and securing devices through a variety of tactics including network microsegmentation and device patching. Cynerio is the cybersecurity supercharge needed on top of industry-leading CMMS offerings.

24×7: From a cybersecurity perspective, what are the key challenges that these integrations aim to address for healthcare facilities and HTM professionals?

Holmes: The FSI and Cynerio partnership’s primary goal is that of increasing protections in healthcare environments without increasing the need for new resources, funding, and expertise. Our integration will provide greater clarity into the various threats introduced by the highly diverse healthcare IoT ecosystem and provide clear, actionable guidance on how to remediate those devices.

24×7: OK. How else do these integrations benefit HTM professionals?

Shawn Hewitt: The real value is using a CMMS solution that can integrate with all the multiple systems HTM teams use. This creates a seamless workflow to more effectively manage HTM operations, providing enhanced accuracy and operational efficiency for faster response times. The PartsSource/FSI/Cynerio integration addresses compliance challenges, optimizes financial efficiency, and enhances user experience.

24×7: To close, how do these partnerships help FSI exceed customer expectations and evolve their products?

Hewitt: At FSI, our core values are “customer inspired, solutions first, one team, and being impactful experts.” These integrations provide FSI, our vendor partners, and our customers with more streamlined processes, saving time and resources that can be allocated more effectively, exceeding needs and expectations.