CytoSorbents, a provider for the treatment of life-threatening conditions in the intensive care unit and cardiac surgery using blood purification, signed an expanded non-exclusive agreement with Nikkiso Europe GmbH (Nikkiso) to distribute their PureADJUST stand-alone hemoperfusion pump and accessories in 14 countries.

The announcement arrives following a successful pilot program in three countries.

“We are pleased to partner with CytoSorbents to make our PureADJUST equipment and full range of consumables and accessories available to CytoSorbents’ customers in these additional countries,” says Yoji Wakabayashi, CEO of Nikkiso Europe GmbH. “PureADJUST’s compact design, intuitive interface, and easy adsorber set up is the ideal solution to provide an additional platform to deliver CytoSorbents’ industry-leading blood purification technology. We look forward to collaborating with CytoSorbents and growing our business worldwide together.”

In addition to securing the rights to sell Nikkiso’s stand-alone pump and accessories in Germany, Austria, and Luxembourg, CytoSorbents has entered into an expanded multi-country reseller agreement with Nikkiso covering the following countries: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Croatia, Finland, France, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, and Switzerland. CytoSorbents will also be able to provide field support services in these countries.

“This new business model unlocks a significant opportunity for us to increase CytoSorb usage.  Today, it is very easy to start CytoSorb on critically ill patients who have developed kidney failure and are already on dialysis or continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT),” says Christian Steiner, MD, executive VP, sales and marketing for CytoSorbents. “However, this accounts for only about 10% of patients in the ICU, where kidney failure often occurs late in the critical illness, resulting in delayed intervention with CytoSorb.  Our new stand-alone blood pump offering makes it easy for physicians to start treatment with CytoSorb earlier, even before patients develop kidney failure.  Early start of the therapy has been shown to be a key predictor of success and was highlighted in a number of studies.  We believe this will result in more effective treatment, while significantly increasing the number of patients who could benefit from our therapy.”

Financial details of this agreement have not been disclosed.

“We are excited to partner with a globally recognized leader like Nikkiso to enable our new stand-alone hemoperfusion pump business model,” says Chris Cramer, VP business development, CytoSorbents. “With each PureADJUST machine placed at a customer account, we now have the ability to drive additional usage of CytoSorb across the full range of approved indications in the ICU.  In the future, we also believe that this business model will enable us to support ‘hospital-wide’ applications, such as in the emergency room, surgery suites, and elsewhere.”