CenTrak announces a series of changes to its leadership team as the company adapts to increased market demand.

CenTrak announces a change of its leadership team as the organization grows to meet market demand and adopts a continuous improvement (CI) model.

The planned organizational changes are aimed at enhancing CenTrak’s offerings to bring the most efficient, cost-effective, innovative, and high-quality solutions to market, according to company officials.

“CenTrak has extended its core competencies to meet evolving market needs as an end-to-end solution partner, providing hardware, software, managed services, and consulting support,” says Andrew Robinson, president and CEO. “We have earned the reputation as the leader in healthcare RTLS, driving significant value and measurable return on investment for our clients. By embracing an agile and continuous improvement mindset, much like the leading healthcare systems we serve, we will further enhance our operational excellence and better enable the delivery of safe and efficient patient care.”

Staffing updates include new appointments and shifting roles among the executive team:

  • Wendy Little joins CenTrak as the company’s first vice president of business transformation. This new role will help guide the organization toward greater operational efficiency, commercial growth, and process excellence, through the implementation of continuous improvement methodologies.
  • Steven Smith joins CenTrak as chief financial officer, with more than 20 years of corporate finance experience across multiple industries.
  • Sherre Staves expands her former role as senior vice president of engineering to chief technology officer, where she will drive technology development, engineering execution, and operations excellence.
  • Crystal Ryan expands her former chief marketing officer role to lead as chief commercial officer, focused on driving long-term sustainable growth through the optimization of business development operations, go-to-market strategies, marketing, and commercial sales.
  • Nancy Adams expands her role from chief people officer to chief experience officer, where she will lead both internal organizational performance, as well as the company-wide focus on the customer experience through CenTrak’s implementation, service, and support teams.

“Many of the best organizations who are in the driver’s seat of healthcare disruption use continuous improvement methodologies,” says Robinson. “By adopting this mindset, we can offer even greater product and service excellence as we prepare for future growth.”

Healthcare organizations need support, especially now, as staffing shortages and supply chain challenges persist, according to the company. At this pivotal time, CenTrak is intently focused on the next phase of innovation, aiming to revolutionize healthcare delivery and accelerate company growth.

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