Florida-based companies Preferred Anesthesia and CE-Tech announce that they have merged and will offer joint anesthesia, biomedical, life safety, and facility management services. Preferred Anesthesia is known for performing anesthesia maintenance while CE-Tech offers general healthcare technology management services and has more than 70 employees.

Among other benefits, the combined company will offer:

  • Anesthesia maintenance services
  • Medical gas and vacuum pump maintenance
  • Life safety compliance and facilities management
  • Clinical engineering support and biomedical services
  • New and preowned medical equipment sales
  • Medical equipment loaner, leasing, and rental programs

“We don’t anticipate a lot of changes outside of increased capabilities and additional resources for you,” Preferred Anesthesia Service President Wayne Newville and CE-Tech President Scott Long say in a joint statement. “This new workforce will greatly improve efficiencies and provide a multitude of value-added services for you to consider.”

Newville and Long add that they will provide more information about their joint offerings in the coming months. “We look forward to continuing to provide you with the stellar service you have been used to,” they say in a statement. “Together, we can make the healthcare environment a better and safer place.”