Artisight, a smart hospital platform powered by artificial intelligence to provide virtual care, quality improvement, and care coordination solutions, has been honored with the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) Innovator of the Year Award alongside partner Guthrie Clinic.

The award, presented at CHIME’s Fall Conference opening ceremony, recognizes demonstrated value through creative application of technology.

Artisight and Guthrie Clinic were recognized for the implementation of an AI-driven remote nursing solution and virtual command center to improve care delivery. The honor marks the first time a health system and technology partner have received the award jointly.

“When implementing a new healthcare technology, it’s essential not only to understand your current use case, but also to have a clear vision of where you are going,” said Terri Couts, chief digital officer and SVP at Guthrie Clinic. “With Artisight, we have a partner who can offer a comprehensive solution to the challenges we are facing. We’ve been able to seamlessly adopt this innovative technology to the benefit of our staff, patients and the hospital overall.”

Guthrie Clinic serves a 9,000 square mile region spanning rural parts of New York and Pennsylvania. Ensuring consistent access across this expansive area presents challenges, which the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated amid workforce reductions and recruiting difficulties. To confront these obstacles, Guthrie Clinic collaborated with Artisight to launch the Pulse Center –– a remote nursing program with a virtual command hub. The Pulse Center was able to:

  • Reduce nurse turnover from 25% to 13%
  • Yield $7 million in cost savings to date
  • Reduce the amount of time nurses spend on administrative tasks by more than 30 minutes per shift
  • Increase nurse job satisfaction

Additionally, Artisight’s technology has allowed Guthrie to deliver the right level of care to patients no matter where they are located, according to the company.

“Artisight’s work with Guthrie illustrates the impact of true collaboration,” said Stephanie Lahr, MD, president of Artisight. “Together, our organizations formulated a strategy that prioritized addressing Guthrie’s immediate issues promptly, and we worked together to train our platform to develop algorithms that address those needs. We’re proud to be recognized by CHIME for a program that alleviates nurse burnout and increases patient satisfaction.”