Longmont, Colo.-based Acertara Acoustic Laboratories—an independent ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited medical ultrasound acoustic measurement, testing, and calibration laboratory, and ISO 13485:2016 certified probe repair and new product development facility—is celebrating 10 years of working with hospitals, OEMs, and independent service organizations. In its first decade of service, Acertara has produced several new commercially available test devices, received several patents, and repaired tens of thousands of probes.

According to Levi Moore, Acertara’s president and COO, “Acertara is committed to helping healthcare providers deliver better care for less money by providing novel and innovative ultrasound-related test devices and by using those devices to produce the highest-quality probe repairs in the industry.”

Moreover, Acertara’s core R&D focus is to design and develop new test equipment for the market, as well as working with ultrasound manufacturers to design and market new ultrasound equipment to help physicians diagnose and treat patients. “Acertara is releasing at least one new major test device this year, and we’re currently working on a very exciting new ultrasound technology that has the potential to bring significant change across the entire ultrasound industry,” Moore adds.