Five experts in medical device integration will be sharing the stage in two upcoming seminars on “Managing Risks of Integrated Systems and Networks in Healthcare Environments.” Jointly organized by AAMI and the Healthcare Technology Foundation, the one-day seminar will be held on March 27 at Scripps Health System in La Jolla, Calif, and on June 2 in conjunction with AAMI’s annual conference in Philadelphia.

The speakers for the event are Yadin David, Biomedical Engineering Consultants, LLC; Ted Cohen, Manager of Clinical Engineering, UC Davis Medical Center; Sherman Eagles, Partner, SoftwareCPR; Ken Fuchs, MBA, MEng, Executive Vice President, Interoperability R&D, Center for Medical Interoperability; and Phil Raymond, Senior Global Product Manager, Philips Healthcare.

According to the organizers, the goals of the seminar include the following:

  • Identify methodologies for risk management of dynamic systems of integrated devices
  • Understand the overall the concepts of ANSI/AAMI/IEC 80001-1
  • Apply project management principles to networked systems
  • Identify tools and resources to sustain safe integrated systems.

The program is recommended for clinical engineers, BMETs, IT specialists, IS safety and risk personnel, and facility managers. The cost of the event is $99 per registrant.

For more information or to register, visit the AAMI website.