Awarepoint Corp announces it has completed independent clinical testing for its T2S sterilizable real-time location systems (RTLS) tag—the first sterilizable active RTLS asset tag.

Sterilized RTLS tags create new opportunities for asset tracking, as items such as medical instrumentation trays require an intense cleaning and sterilization process that tags traditionally could not survive.

Sterlizer-testing laboratory SPSmedical performed the independent evaluation, subjecting the tags to a variety of product-specific cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection procedures, including decontamination and mechanical cleaning, Cytotoxicity, and steam pre-vacuum efficacy.

Performance testing also confirmed that the tags are safe to use in STERRAD sterilization systems. The protocol for STERRAD testing included use in wrapped trays and the Tyvek Peel Pouch.

Awarepoint is the provider of the ZigBee-based RTLS solution for hospitals.


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