New York recently passed the first electronics right-to-repair law in the U.S., which Right to Repair advocates of other industries, like healthcare, hope indicates a greater sea change for the movement.

New York’s passage of the nation’s first consumer electronics “right-to-repair” law represents a rare success for consumer groups and advocates who have fought a deep-pocketed industry-wide lobbying effort for years. The “Digital Fair Repair Act” easily passed on June 3 with a 147–2 vote in the New York State Assembly after passing the Senate two days earlier, and now awaits Gov. Kathy Hochul’s signature.

The bill mandates that for most consumer electronics sold in New York State, manufacturers must offer free technical and repair documentation, free software for diagnostics, and replacement parts and repair tools at a reasonable cost for consumers and repair shops.

Finally, consumers should have a broader range of repair options for phones, tablets, and computers.

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