Cynerio, a healthcare IoT cybersecurity provider, is partnering with HTM company Sodexo to provide hospitals and healthcare systems with visibility into their IoMT footprint that allows for the immediate remediation of identified threats through step-by-step mitigation recommendations for each attack and risk.

The Cynerio partnership with Sodexo HTM provides healthcare organizations with the threat intelligence they need to compile a precise inventory of all network-connected medical and enterprise IoT devices on the network, the companies say. This inventory is then evaluated for potential attacks such as ransomware that could compromise patient care, device functionality, or sensitive personal healthcare data. All identified threats and vulnerabilities are accompanied by detailed recommendations for remediation so that a hospital’s IoMT and IoT infrastructure remains resilient in the face of ongoing cyberattacks on healthcare providers.

Additional capabilities offered by the partnership include:

  • A medical-first network segmentation sandbox that gives hospitals a virtual environment to test potential segmentation configurations before execution.
  • Attack detection and response that empowers hospitals to immediately identify and safely address malicious activity, followed by thorough remediation and recovery procedures.
  • Comprehensive medical device utilization data, to enable informed decisions about new device purchases, capacity planning, and emergency response.

“A recent survey we carried out with the Ponemon Institute with hospital security leaders found that more than half of US hospitals have been the victim of a cyberattack within the past two years that affected IoMT or IoT devices,” says Leon Lerman, CEO of Cynerio. “We are excited to be joining together with Sodexo to provide their healthcare customers with enhanced options to protect themselves, their patients and their medical devices from the onslaught of cyberattacks they are currently experiencing.”

Network-connected medical devices have increased the attack surface of vulnerable hospitals and proven difficult to secure due to varied operating systems, lack of IT security, and other technological challenges. The Cynerio-Sodexo partnership aims to reduce cyber risks present in this crucial piece of healthcare infrastructure.

“Our healthcare customers are looking for ways to optimize the security of their medical devices to ensure the safety of their patients, and Cynerio fills in an important need when it comes to improving the overall defense posture of their patient care devices”, says Christopher Falkner, senior director of Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity.