Hospitals can and should make connected medical devices more secure, reports JD Supra

Internet-connected healthcare devices, ubiquitous in hospitals, are often rife with vulnerabilities. Here’s how hospitals can keep their networks secure and patients safe. Hospitals are often synonymous with treatment and care, but cyber actors view them as prime targets for their attacks.

On the rise is a serious new risk that centers on hospitals’ internal networks and healthcare devices that connect to them. Vulnerabilities in these devices can serve as an entry point to hospital networks for nefarious purposes. Last year alone, over 41 million patient records were breached, with a single incident affecting close to 21 million records.

Securing these networks is not an impossible task — just a challenging one. However, given the immense patient benefits that connected healthcare devices provide, it’s only become increasingly important that hospitals take necessary steps to ensure the security of these life-saving technologies.

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