August 3, 2006

Automation System Helps Hospitals Manage Safety Incidents and Issues

St Croix Systems has announced that WakeMed Health & Hospitals, a 775-bed health care system located in Raleigh, NC, has completed a pilot of St Croix’s Safety Manager Solution as a single-source for collecting hospital safety issues and incidents.

Using Safety Manager, WakeMed will be able to centralize the reporting of hospital safety issues and incidents, including those found during environment of care tours. Information collected at the time of reporting—including type, source, and urgency—will instantly create issues, alerts, and notifications for designated hospital personnel. Using workflow processes, reported issues are assigned to department personnel for corrective action or issue verification, and all actions taken to resolve the issues are documented and communicated.

“Ensuring the safety of our patients, staff, and visitors is a top organizational priority,” said Gary Evans, director of WakeMed biomedical engineering. “We are committed to continuously seeking better solutions to help identify, track, and resolve potential safety issues. “We now have a single-source to systematically manage the entire closed-loop process associated with every reported issue.”

A comprehensive user dashboard provides a real-time view into reported and open issues, reminders, and corrective action confirmations, and is set up to display according to user roles and responsibilities. This automated data-collection tool helps to standardize procedures to quickly discover, address, and resolve safety issues, allowing health care providers to practice more pro-active quality and safety management versus reactive.