ECRI Institute announces the release of CrossCHEQ, the latest addition to its suite of data-driven technologies. CrossCHEQ is the first service to offer unbiased guidance on equivalent alternatives for medical-surgical supplies and implants.

CrossCHEQ takes buyers beyond the limited scope of products that purchasing organizations and distributors offer by covering the U.S. market’s full range of products for key categories. The information helps healthcare executives make more accurate, timely, and cost-effective purchasing decisions.

“Smart supply management is not just about getting low prices. Executives are also seeking unbiased comparisons on suitable alternatives to make more informed buying decisions,” says ECRI Institute’s Timothy Browne, director, PriceGuide. “PriceGuide, now with CrossCHEQ, fills the need in a way no other service can with trusted and comprehensive data.”

With the new CrossCHEQ advancement, users can see alternatives for products they are currently buying. The service includes brand-name comparison charts for a broad range of categories, including artificial heart valves, pacemakers, synthetic mesh, needleless connectors, disinfecting caps, and many more.

By comparing key performance indicators, buyers can identify opportunities for standardization and better respond to unexpected product outages. “It solves a patient safety issue, too. When products are out of stock or recalled, supply chain buyers have to scramble to find similar products to fill the gap. CrossCHEQ makes it fast and easy to select suitable alternatives,” says ECRI Institute’s Amanda McShea, manager, PriceGuide.

CrossCHEQ, the only supply alternatives resource providing unbiased, independent guidance on the most important supply categories, is backed by the judgement and knowledge of ECRI Institute’s subject matter experts including clinical and biomedical engineers, physicians and nurses, pricing analysts, patient safety experts, and statisticians.