The John Radcliffe Hospital, part of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK, has implemented AeroScout’s asset tracking and management, and temperature monitoring solutions. Utilizing its Cisco Unified Wireless Network and AeroScout real-time location system (RTLS), the John Radcliffe Hospital is tracking and managing equipment and monitoring refrigeration units that contain important, temperature-sensitive items.

AeroScout’s MobileView software enables staff to search for and manage medical equipment and other assets, and includes an open architecture for integration with a wide range of hospital systems. With AeroScout’s asset tracking and management solution, staff at the John Radcliffe Hospital can quickly find medical equipment, such as bariatric beds and infusion pumps. Since starting to use the solution, the staff spends less time looking for equipment and can spend more time caring for patients. Additionally, in the event of a safety recall, users are able to quickly locate and recover the equipment in question.

The John Radcliffe Hospital is also using AeroScout’s Temperature Monitoring solution to automate the monitoring of refrigerators that contain medications, vaccines, blood and other critical items.

By utilizing the hospital’s Cisco Unified Wireless Network, the John Radcliffe Hospital was able to keep its total cost of ownership low and avoided the need for purchasing, deploying, and maintaining a proprietary RFID network.