The U.S. FDA has cleared KD203, a portable multispectral medical imaging device developed by Calgary, Alberta, Canada-based Kent Imaging. KD203 provides insight into the availability of oxygenated blood in tissue, thus streamlining diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient monitoring.

“Using the Kent camera, we can quantify perfusion directly by determining the ratio of oxygenated to deoxygenated hemoglobin,” says Adam Landsman, DPM, PhD, chief of the division of podiatric surgery at the Cambridge Health Alliance (Harvard Medical School). “Furthermore, because the data can be collected in less than a second, the device can help to quantify the effect of our treatments, and allow us to easily monitor the patient’s condition on a regular basis.”

Key feature of Kent’s KD203 include:

  • Instant wound assessment
  • A means to track patient progress and treatment effectiveness
  • Quantified tissue oxygenation levels
  • No disruption to existing workflow

“We are very excited about obtaining Class II FDA clearance for our handheld device,” says Pierre Lemire, CEO of Kent Imaging. “Our…device helps physicians to determine the most effective treatment plans which provides them a means of reducing recovery times and patient discomfort.”

The KD203 is now available for sale in both the United States and Canada.