As 2023 comes to a close, healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals face a number of industry-wide challenges and opportunities that experts anticipate will continue to unfold throughout 2024.

Many of these challenges can be directly addressed within an organization’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). From ensuring a complete asset inventory to staying vigilant ahead of potential cyber-attacks, a CMMS is essential for HTM professionals to maintain operations and regulatory compliance.

Not all CMMS solutions are created equal, particularly for the purposes of HTM. Ensure your system can adequately handle the top industry challenges ahead of 2024 by evaluating whether your CMMS meets the criteria for optimal performance for next year and beyond.

In this report, we explore several key topics:

  • Criteria for a CMMS purpose-built for HTM requirements.
  • Anticipated 2024 trends and how your CMMS can help you stay ahead.
  • How to evaluate whether your CMMS can address these topics.

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